Guan Lab

Department of Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics


     I am interested in machine learning in biology and medicine. Yuanfang's Work in 180 seconds. Downloadable version.

     I wrote the 1st place solutions for over a dozen DREAM challenges, the largest benchmarks in various domains of computational medicine and systems biology. I am one of the few people globally who own two gold medals in the annual Data Science Bowl. I am the inventor of GuanRank and several other algorithms that are often used as the reference algorithms in systems biology benchmark studies/challenges. My summary 'The Art of Best-performing Algorithms' is one of the most widely-read documents in the field. I have coached numerous winners in diverse machine learning competitions, including not just Ph.D and postdocs in international challenges, but also high school students who placed first in the Southeast Michigan Science Fair, or entered Intel STS finalist.


     For 2018 Fall BIOINF585 students, syllabus ' Deep Learning in Bioinformatics' . This course is instructor-permission only to register, with the following prerequisite: Submitting a piece of sample code in Python (preferred), C++, Java, perl or other languages to Unacceptable submissions: R, Matlab, Octave.

Open positions:

     Positions are open at all levels (high school, undergrad, graduate, and postdoc), and fairly recruited through 1. Passing the 24-hour Guan Lab Entrance Exam; 2. CV submission, interview/trial and voting by current members; 3.Signing off the GuanLab Guide. Interested students may email to obtain the Exam, the Voting Form, and the Guide.