Guan Lab

Department of Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics

I am interested in machine learning, network biology that is applied to clinical outcome prediction. For a quick overview of my work, please view Yuanfang's Work in 180 seconds . Downloadable version

I enjoy working with kids and found it a rewarding process to build long-term relationship with a smart student and a sweet family. I have coached high school students who placed first in the Southeast Michigan Science Fair, or entered Intel STS finalist.

I wrote the 1st place solutions for 10 DREAM challenges, spanning wide topics of machine learning: HERE. I encourage U-mich students to take advantage of the courses I am teaching to learn them.


For 2018 Fall BIOINF585 students, syllabus ' Machine Learning in Bioinformatics' . This course is instructor-permission only to register, with the following prerequisite: Submitting a piece of sample code in Python (preferred), C++, Java, perl or other languages to Unacceptable submissions: R, Matlab, Octave.

I am no longer handling BIOINFO602/603 as of 2018 Fall, please address all question to

Open positions:

Positions are open at all levels (high school, undergrad, graduate, and postdoc), and lab members are recruited through 1. passing the 24-hour GuanLab Entrance Exam (take-home test and re-take allowed); 2. CV submission, interview/trial and voting by current members; 3.signing off the GuanLab Guide. Interested students may email to obtain the Exam, the Voting Form, and the Guide.