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     MIsoMine is an integrated data portal for isoform-level expression, function and network analysis in the mouse. First, it allows retrieval of top co-expressed isoforms in diverse tissues and experimental conditions based on the RNA-seq data collected from the Sequence Read Archive (SRA) database. Upon a gene/isoform query, the server will retrieve the top-correlated isoforms across different experiments as a heat map. Second, this data portal allows users to explore the function predictions and the functional network of alternatively splice isoforms.

Search for expression, function and network

Expression, functon and network of gene/isoforms can be quried here. Type in any letter(s), and the genes/isoforms whose names contain the string will be shown automatically.
Example searches include:
Genes: Anxa6, Ptbp1, Atm, Isoforms: NM_001110211.1, NM_007499.2