IsoFunc updates

01 Jan 2016
IsoFunc v1.0


miRmine: Human miRNA expression database.


MI-PVT: The Michigan Proteome Visualization Tool.

GuanLab Tools

MIsoMine: A data portal of expression, function and network of splice isoforms in the Mouse.
IsoPred: Functional annotation of Mouse gene isoforms.
IsoformNetwork: Isoform level functional relationship network for the Mouse.
stageSpecificNetwork: Dynamic functional relationship networks for Ex vivo Human erythroid differentiation.


=== If you are using this tool, please cite: Panwar et al (2016) Genome-Wide Functional Annotation of Human Protein-Coding Splice Variants Using Multiple Instance Learning. Journal of proteome research 15(6):1747-53 ===
The IsoFunc is a tool for assigning function to the Human Protein-Coding Splice Variants (PCSVs). Most of previous studies have been focused only on the gene-centric functional annotation but now evidence is accumulating that different splice variants from a single Human gene can function differently. Therefore, there is an need to do the functional annotation at transcript-level and assign function to the Human protein-coding splice variants. The IsoFunc is a freely available tool for the global scientific community.
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Transcript-level Expression: High Low All
Ensembl-based protein-coding biotype: Known Novel Putative All
PCSVs should be present in neXtProt: Yes Doesn't matter


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